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A previous inquiry made clear that there are some projects for children with a mental restriction in Ethiopia  , but that there are few initiatives for (young)adults with a mental restriction.
The children from the highest group at  HOME have no place to go when they reach the age of 18 years. Hands4HOME foundation wants to dedicate itself to  a useful continuation for this target group.


In order to awaken consciousness Hands4HOME foundation wrote a document
‘Social Farming – Let’s bring this concept to Ethiopia’  in the spring of 2015  (click here). This document explains the concept of care farm.
This document has been spread to government authorities (and was well received by them) and other organs in Ethiopia (for example EFPD, ENAID, ECDD) who take decisions and want to dedicate themselves to the above mentioned target group

Besides this Hands4HOME foundation collaborates with the  Worldpartners foundation to explore the  possibilities of  a social enterprise  in Ethiopia  which will offer education and work experience to the specific target groups of mentally restricted adolescents  and illiterate young women (so-called school drop-outs).

In order to explore this a market research was carried out.
In the fall of 2015 the exploration phase started. For this purpose  several business possibilities were examined, taking into account  the risks, local legislation, political climate and social abuses.
A market research was carried out in which over 300 interviews were done. Many important data have been gathered and relationships have been established with local and international partners and authorities.

In the meantime a first choice was made for producing  mozzarella. Now we are in the phase of deepening knowledge, in order to collect more detailed information, after which a business plan can be written.

Starting a social enterprise for these target groups, especially the mentally restricted young people is, in many respects, a big challenge and a long-winded effort and asks for much patience.