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Hands4HOME foundation is active in different fields.
For instance Sander and Esther Maarseveen are working as volunteers for the projects Roseland Child Development Organization (for more information click here) and for House Of Mercy Ethiopia (for more information click here).  In both organisations Sander and Esther give advice in the field of education and management & organisation.

Among other things their activities consist of:

  • Training and coaching of local teachers
  • Giving advice regarding student tutoring
  • Giving advice with respect to the organizational structure and finances.
  • Helping to draw up and write official documents
  • Doing house calls
  • Maintaining contacts with the Ethiopian authorities and other organisations

Besides this Sander and Esther examine the possibilities to start an enterprise in which mentally handicapped young people and young girls (so-called dropouts) are offered a place to learn and to work.