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Who we are

Hands4HOME foundation is a young, small foundation with a great vision.

From a Christian perspective Hands4HOME wants to offer help to underprivileged children and families in Ethiopia. We strive after a hopeful future, among other things by offering and/or improving quality schools. In doing so we make no distinction between ethnic background, religion, gender or political preference.

We believe that every human being is unique, that people have been given to one another and that together we can make the difference.
Together with local and/or interlocal organisations Hands4HOME foundation wants to be a solid and reliable partner between underprivileged children in Ethiopia and our donors.
Let us build together a better future; for ourselves, for our children, for  the next generations in Ethiopia and worldwide!


“Education is the most powerful weapon wich you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Our logo


The name HOME stands for home, a place where people are appreciated for who they are and where they can be completely themselves. The word “Hands” stands for the many helping hands which make our work in Ethiopia possible.

The logo reflects the identity of the foundation. With this logo we want to communicate at a glance hope, solidarity and unity.
Many hands can build a house, with one pair of hands this is impossible. People need one another to do so.

The colours green and blue are part of the Ethiopian flag and symbolize also the diversity of colours
of the hands. All hands count, and so we want to show that we make no distinction between race, religion or ethnic background.
The colour green stands for hope and the colour blue for unity and equality.