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HOME is a small-scale project situated in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Addis Ababa. The German couple Mathias and Susanna Lange are in charge of this project which  has already being run  successfully for more than 15 years. HOME offers hope and a future for children in Ethiopia.

At HOME the following programs are active:

  • Day activities for 40 children with a mental handicap.
    HOME provides: education, (para)medical care and family tutoring.
  • Food program for mothers and young children (yearly 80 participants).
    HOME provides : basal education for mothers, cooking facilities and food for children, support in the medical field, training and support in activities for mothers that generate income.
  • Educational tutoring after school for 40 school children from an underprivileged environment
    HOME provides : after school education, allowances  for educational expenses , family tutoring.


Sander and Esther are active in:

  • Educational tutoring in day care of mentally restricted children.
  • Strategic advice to the organisation
  • Helping to organise and execute special days (for instance feast days)
  • Guiding and accompanying visitors and volunteers


Together with the founders Sander and Esther have reflected upon how the future of the mentally handicapped children might look like when they will have reached the age of 18 years.