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Our aims

All human beings are different. These differences are innate in people. Yet there are also circumstances and/or events in the lives of people that have a huge influence on their development and their future. For sure in a country like Ethiopia, where people with an impediment and/or a lower social status have a hard time finding a place in society.

For example in Ethiopia there still is a culture of shame. When Ethiopians get a child with a (mental) disorder this child is often hidden from the outside world and left to his or her fate in a hidden corner. In Ethiopia people with a mental and/or physical handicap are often  a forgotten and vulnerable group.

Hands4HOME foundation helps underprivileged children and their families in Ethiopia and supports for that purpose several projects which dedicate themselves to the poorest and/or most vulnerable groups. These projects offer direct, small scale and structural help that aim at working for a better future.

Foundation Hands2HOME also welcomes new initiatives and is looking for possibilities to start a new social enterprise to offer  education and work experience to mentally handicapped adolescents and young women (the so called school drop-outs) in order to improve their social position, with a perspective of a better future.