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Home Front Team (HFT) Family Maarseveen

The Maarseveen family cannot do its work without the support of the people back home. To keep them involved the Home Front Team has been set up.

The HFT consists of the following persons:
Martina Bakker, Merk van de Geer, Suzanne Groot, Erica Last, Mona Lichtenveldt, Jan Paul en Esther van Otterloo.

The HFT does the following things:

  • Maintaining the contact with the Maarseveen family
  • Sending  the Maarseveen Mail
  • Arranging practical matters (e.g. during leave)
  • Organizing activities (presentations, fund raising activities)
  • Recruiting donors
  • Praying and giving thanks for the personal circumstances and the work of the Maarseveen family.

The HFT is always looking for people who want to think along or helping in recruiting donors and organizing fund raising activities.
For questions or suggestions you can contact the HFT by sending an e-mail to: 

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