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Since Augustus 2014 Sander and Esther Maarseveen have  lived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with their three children.

Sander and Esther are involved in the projects Roseland Child Development Organization an House of Mercy Ethiopia  as volunteers

In both organisations Sander and Esther give advice in the field of education, management & organisation.
Their work consists of:

  • Training and coaching of local teachers.
  • Giving advice concerning the tutoring of students.
  • Giving advice concerning organizational structure and finances.
  • Helping in drawing up and writing official documents.
  • Paying home visits.
  • Maintaining contacts with the Ethiopian authorities and other organisations.


Furthermore Sander and Esther examine the possibilities to start a social enterprise where mentally handicaped  young people and young girls (so called school drop-outs) are offered  education and work experience.

The children of Sander and Esther are home-schooled.

Since Sander and Esther work as volunteers, they have no wages and are completely dependent on donors’ gifts. Certainly now that the cost of living in Ethiopia keeps rising ( higher rent for the house, raise of food prices, unexpected reparations on their old car etc.), your support is urgently needed, thank you in advance!

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