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Financial Management

Hands4HOME foundation spends the biggest part of the charges (97 % in 2015) on the objectives, concerning costs made for and in Ethiopia, to realise the aims. Hands4HOME foundation pursues a careful and well considered financial policy. The benefits of the foundation consists of gifts, donations and if possible subsidies. The financial situation of Hands4HOME is completely public. Every year a financial survey is made, which is part of the year report.


An inquiry by the Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) made clear that donors attach most value to the following three objectives for a humanitarian aid foundation:

  • The foundation works on a solution of a problem which affects me personally (aid to children, help for education and health care, reducing injustice to people).
  • The foundation shows clearly how the money has been spent.
  • The foundation shows clearly what has been achieved with the help offered.


Hands4HOME foundation wants to conform itself to these objectives as much as possible. Therefore the financial policy is transparent with the adequate   procedures and book-keeping. This means:

  • The foundation has an ANBI status. It means that gifts are deductible for the Dutch income tax.
  • Every year we publish the financial documents  during the General Annual Meeting.
  • Every year a financial survey is made before June 1st.
  • The annual account is drawn up according to Directive 650 for Fund Raising Institutions and published on the website.
  • All donors receive on request  a yearly overview  of their gifts.


Questions in the domain of finances will always be answered by us. The treasurer is eager to answer them. Send a mail to: info@hands4home.nl